On 07/03/2018 09:39, Hans Piehler wrote:

Now all stations are in the above range more than 2000.

I think this is not the normal range to compare with the FT817.

If I change the mode from DIG to USB, I have all stations in the normal range but

no modulation comes to the backside connector.

Hi Hans,

Yaesu rigs usually have two menu settings that set the VFO display offset and shift for their USB-DATA modes (DIG), these need adjusting so that the dial frequency and passband are correctly aligned. Often zero for both is correct as that equates to a voice SSB passband with the dial frequency at the suppressed carrier frequency and the audio passband between 0Hz and ~4000 Hz and maximum width. Yaesu are not consistent with these parameters with the shift on some rigs allowing movement between LSB and USB, those need a positive shift of roughly half the maximum width to centre the IF passband on the USB side.


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