Morning Guys,

Regarding testing Apr7th 1400-1600 from OZ I was able to some hound
activity in the first 30min or so last night but not neither "KH7Z"

That said, this morning I've noticed that once I deactivated "hound" mode,
so its now in normal FT8 mode and the setting for split was still on RIG,
the SPLIT mode on the rig would reactivate even when I've manually turned
it off. I noticed this when I'm below the 900hz range will go -1.5khz
offset too.

I'm using WSJT in "rig split mode" using "Omni Rig 1" for CAT control.  To
work around this feature I turn SPLIT "none" and all ok.  But means before
going back into HOUND mode I'd need to remember to reenable it.

Should there be logic that if we are in Normal FT8 then regardless if you
have split enabled via config FT* should know to force 0hz offset and ie
appear not use SPLIT ?

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