Doh! Understood what it purpose is for 😃 and will leave it enabled.

Thanks Bill


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On 8 Apr 2018, 20:01, at 20:01, Bill Somerville <> wrote:
>On 07/04/2018 23:31, Mark Rutherford wrote:
>> Morning Guys,
>> Regarding testing Apr7th 1400-1600 from OZ I was able to some hound
>> activity in the first 30min or so last night but not neither "KH7Z"
>> stations.
>> That said, this morning I've noticed that once I deactivated "hound"
>> mode, so its now in normal FT8 mode and the setting for split was
>> still on RIG,  the SPLIT mode on the rig would reactivate even when
>> I've manually turned it off. I noticed this when I'm below the 900hz
>> range will go -1.5khz offset too.
>> I'm using WSJT in "rig split mode" using "Omni Rig 1" for CAT
>> control.  To work around this feature I turn SPLIT "none" and all
>> But means before going back into HOUND mode I'd need to remember to
>> reenable it.
>> Should there be logic that if we are in Normal FT8 then regardless if
>> you have split enabled via config FT* should know to force 0hz offset
>> and ie appear not use SPLIT ?
>> Cheers
>> Mark VK4TMZ
>Hi Mark,
>I am not quite sure what you think is going wrong, everything you
>describe sounds fine. The reason for using SPLIT on your rig  on HF is
>that it allows WSJT-X keep your audio tones above 1500Hz which in turn
>avoids any audio harmonics being transmitted. If WSJT-X is able to
>control SPLIT mode on your rig then you should be checking the option
>"Settings->Radio->Split Operating" as "Rig", if it is not then the
>choice of "Fake It" should be next. Only choose "None" for HF operating
>if WSJT-X cannot control your rig's frequency reliably.
>The recommendation for DXpedition mode is because you are going to have
>to transmit with an audio offset below 1000Hz if you successfully work
>the DX and WSJT-X needs to be able to adjust the Tx dial frequency so
>that it can keep the audio tones above 1500Hz when doing that.
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