If we have another test, I’d like to see each of the Fox stations with 
rotatable antennas spend part of their hour pointing to various quadrants of 
the sky.  Granted, some directions are not going to be very productive, but if 
the antenna was turned 30 degrees every 5 minutes, the Fox would be able to 
give everyone a shot at participating.

I was wondering why I couldn’t work AA7A.  Now I see that I was in his 
sidelobe, at best.  Those in Southern California, although somewhat closer, 
were even more at his back.  I was able to work W1/KH7Z although I seem to have 
been located in his distant sidelobe.  Very few California stations (I’m 
assuming the 6’s are CA, some won’t be) were worked by either W1/KH7Z or 

Dave Fisher / NX6D

From: Joe Taylor <j...@princeton.edu>
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2018 8:30:32 AM
To: WSJT software development
Subject: [wsjt-devel] Second Public Test of FT8 DXpedition Mode: early results

Hi all,

Many people have asked for a list of stations heard and worked in the
Second Public Test of FT8 DXpedition Mode, held on April 7.  I have
attached a brief summary.  It's a plain text file containing four lists
of callsigns:

1. 61 logged by W1/KH7Z in 36 minutes: rate = 61*60/36 = 102/hour

2. 55 logged by K1JT in 21 minutes: rate = 55*60/21 = 157/hour

3. 174 logged by W7/KH7Z in 60 minutes: rate = 174/hour

4. 390 unique calls copied by one or more of the three Foxes

It's worth noting that Ned/AA7A, operator at W7/KH7Z, learned to manage
his queues much more effectively as his hour progressed.  After a
program restart at 1532 UTC he worked 105 additional stations, a rate of
105*60/28 = 225/hour during the remaining part of the hour.

Slowly but surely, we are optimizing the software and improving our
"FoxOp" skills.  Further progress will definitely be possible!

For this test the three Foxes were configured as follows:

Call     Grid    PEP   PerSlot  Antenna
W1/KH7Z  FN42   500 W    20 W   SteppIR at 15, az=50
K1JT     FN20   100 W     4 W   Dipole at 17m
W7/KH7Z  DM43   500 W    20 W   3 el at 22m, az=45

        -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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