Today it happened 4-5 times , but after I have sendt the reply 3-4-5 times 
without a reply - I just hit the Tx6 for new CQ and his reply showing straight 
Like the sone 

140115 -24 0.2 1000 ~ OE4KSF WA1WXC FN31
140130 Tx 1000 ~ WA1WXC OE4KSF -24
140200 Tx 1000 ~ WA1WXC OE4KSF -24
140230 Tx 1000 ~ WA1WXC OE4KSF -24
140245 -24 0.2 1000 ~ OE4KSF WA1WXC R-14
140300 Tx 1000 ~ WA1WXC OE4KSF RR73


After my 3’d reply I just hitting the Tx 6 button for a new CQ, and his reply 
pop straight inn.

I have tested it as after 5 or 6 replies from me, and the same happening

Its just as if I enter the Tx 6 button or something else - the SW do decode the 
buffer a last time , and then it finds the reply ??? - just guessing :-)

Steinar Fremme

Phone: +436649263301
Skype: stfremme
Ham:   OE4KSF

> On 14 Aug 2019, at 22:33, David Gilbert <> wrote:
> Hi, Steinar.
> Yes, I suspect the AGC due to other very strong stations in the passband 
> could be limiting your ability to decode.  I don't know if you use some sort 
> of DATA mode on your IC-7851 or not ... I think that usually minimizes AGC 
> action.  If you are using SSB mode, AGC could certainly kick in early unless 
> you change the settings to make it a flatter response.
> Although it is a nuisance, one possibility might be to manually tune your 
> receiver to the station you are trying to decode and then narrow the receive 
> passband.  I know other hams sometimes do that and I can do it on my K3, but 
> as I say it's a bit clumsy for a normal contact.  To work something more rare 
> where the other station is staying on the same frequency for a while, though, 
> it might be worth the trouble. 
> Well, your other issue does indeed sound pretty odd.  I'm afraid I don't have 
> much idea what might be doing that.  Maybe one of the developers has seen 
> that condition.
> Take care es 73,
> Dave   AB7E

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