"That's ridiculous. A "block" wouldn't keep a station from transmitting,
just from being displayed. Can't you just ignore it?"

Not easy to ignore when all callers are displayed in Rx frequency window.  A 
large part of this problem would be fixed by making the RX frequency window 
display only calls on the RX Frequency.

If more complexity is allowed I would propose that:

     When not in QSO any and all callers are displayed in RX freq

     Once a QSO is started then only the station I'm in QSO with is displayed 
in RX freq window (this allows for a change in         QSO partner's TX freq.

    When QSO ends go back to displaying all callers.

All callers would still be displayed in Band Activity window so those that 
enjoy multi-tasking can be aware of who is calling.

Andy, k3wyc

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