Liebe Grandmasters und Great Grandmasters,

zu Eurer Info nachfolgende Einladung zum Big Mut am 15./16. Juni 2019 in 

Bei Interesse folgt bitte den unten aufgeführten Links. Die unten erwähnte 
Broschüre ist auf Nachfrage bei mir zu erhalten (vermutlich dürfte aber alle 
Infos auch online zu finden sein)

Herzliche Grüße

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Jörg Benner
Geschäftsführer DFV e.V.
Martinusstr. 9, 50765 Köln
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We are emailing you to announce again the first ever European Grass Tournament 
for Grand Masters! Happening on the 15th and 16th of June in Bologna. 
We are reaching out again because we need your help! 
We want this tournament to be an integral part of the emerging Grand Masters 
and Great Grand Masters scene in Europe, and in order to do this we need to get 
the word out.
Every year more and more European Players are reaching Grand Master age and 
this tournament can help start a larger Grand Masters activity across the 
countries of Europe.
Therefore please help us spread the word and send the attached brochure to any 
relevant players in your country. Also, if you know of any Grand Masters or 
Great Grand Masters teams, please put us in contact with them.
Finally, if you have a list of players who are over 40 (for men) or over 37 
(for women), we would greatly appreciate it if you could send us their names 
and contact emails so we can reach out to them directly.
Alejandro Aragon 
Tournament Director of #BIGMUT2019
Our website is 
facebook event:
contact email: 
Please also check this group:
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