> it seems that the problem lies with wxc. I (for now) have provided
> bin/mk-cabal to build locally, did you use that, what is the full
> build output, in particular w.r.t wxc?

Yes, I have used bin/mk-cabal. The full build output is here:
http://pastebin.com/XSgGDh9E (Atze, nevermind my last mail -- I
decided to simply upload the log at pastebin. :)

> wxc build (e.g.) might fail because of an incorrect/incomplete
> install of wxWidgets. Is the correct (and not an old) wx-config
> used, mine by default is installed in /usr/local/bin/wx-config.

The wxWidgets 2.9.5 (with GTK backend) installed in ~/local is the
only one I have installed on the system.


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