Hi Erik,

I started looking at/using this today, but I'm interested in building  
the app at _build_ time, not install time. My reason for this is that  
I'm developing under OS X, in an edit/build/run cycle, so I need  
the .app to be there for testing.

I started hacking on your Setup.hs to this end, but it occurred to me  
that this might be useful to others, in which case I should a) tidy up  
what I've done, b) keep the "build app on install" behaviour too, for  
deployers, c) test it across platforms and d) release it somehow.  But  
before I expend that effort, I wanted to ask if your version of Sep 11  
) is the most current / best one to hack on.



On 11 Sep 2009, at 21:04, Eric Y. Kow wrote:

> Slightly improved version with chmod u+x (oops)

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