I'm trying my hands at cloning Mark Russinovich's amazingly useful
procexp.exe for Linux, as it's hard to live without it. Also a good
chance to finally dirty my hands with GUI programming, weird that I
never have in five years of programming professionally.

To the uninitiated, I'm talking about this:

I need a ListCtrl that I can edit and not only append to. That means
either a version of appendItem that takes an index that I've missed, a
way to get and later set the scroll-state of a ListCtrl (and then I
can just reset all items on every edit) or a way to use the
wxLC_VIRTUAL style available in C++ wxWidgets.

Can anyone help?

Also, as I said in the title, I'd really appreciate if someone could
take some time to be available for a few beginner questions on some
chat or email platform. I find that wxHaskell has too much lore for me
to learn without an experienced hand guiding me. I promise to research
every question before I resort to asking my mentor.


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