On Sun, 25 Mar 2012, Aur Saraf wrote:

> I need a ListCtrl that I can edit and not only append to. That means
> either a version of appendItem that takes an index that I've missed, a
> way to get and later set the scroll-state of a ListCtrl (and then I
> can just reset all items on every edit) or a way to use the
> wxLC_VIRTUAL style available in C++ wxWidgets.

Note that the 'wx' package provides the high-level interface, but not 
everything can be handled through this interface. A richer set of 
functions is provided by the 'wxcore' package. There you find the modules 
Graphics.UI.WXCore.WxcClassesAL and Graphics.UI.WXCore.WxcClassesMZ that 
provide low-level interfaces to the methods of the classes starting with 
letters A-L and M-Z, respectively.

So if I want to find out about additional functions of listCtrl I first 
look into the wxWidgets documentation, i.e.

There I find a method named wxListCtrl::InsertItem in various flavors, 
also a variant with an explicit index. Now I can lookup listCtrlInsertItem 
in WxcClassesAL and find according functions.

> Also, as I said in the title, I'd really appreciate if someone could
> take some time to be available for a few beginner questions on some
> chat or email platform. I find that wxHaskell has too much lore for me
> to learn without an experienced hand guiding me. I promise to research
> every question before I resort to asking my mentor.

I think this mailing is a good place because all answers can be seen 
publically and thus may help other people with the same problems.

What I also use frequently in order to find the correct widget class are 
the example collections. There are some Haskell examples in the 'samples' 
folder of the wxhaskell repository and there are even more C++ examples in 
the wxwidgets documentation:
  What I am really missing are screenshots of the widgets because often I 
cannot imagine the GUI elements from their literal description.

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