Hi wxHaskellers,

I am about to apply a fairly significant set of changes to the wxHaskell
master repository at code.haskell.org. This is in order that I can apply
the changes needed to support wxWidgets versions from 2.9 onwards, and the
major architectural changes this entails.

The changes will be as follows:

   - The current mainline tip will be branched into a wxhaskell-0.13
   codeline, which will receive only minor updates going forward. This
   codeline will be appropriate for users of wxWidgets 2.8.x. In practice,
   this means that users who pull the darcs repo will see the following new
      - wxdirect-0.13: The branch of wxDirect supporting wxWidgets 2.8.x
      - wxcore-0.13: The branch of wxcore supporting wxWidgets 2.8.x
      - wx-0.13: The branch of wx supporting wxWidgets 2.8.x
   - The mainline tip will be tagged WXHASKELL-0-13-BRANCH to show the
   historical relationship between the two branches.
   - The mainline will have the patches needed to update to support
   wxWidgets 2.9.x, based on the work by Dave Tapley and others, and sourced
   from the development repositories on Darcsden, Readers of the
   wxhaskell-devel list will be familiar with these.
      - Because Dave's codebase was branched late last summer, it has not
      been possible to simply push his patches to the wxHaskell mainline, since
      darcs never manages to resolve the differences. For this reason, I have
      developed a smaller, equivalent set of patches on whcih I have tried to
      maintain as much history as possible. This is regrettable, but I
don't see
      an easy way around the problem.
      - There are a number of changes, but the most significant is that
      there is a new module, wxc, which contains the wxWidgets C language
      wrapper. Wxcore is now a pure Haskell module. In addition, we
have removed
      the vestiges of Eiffel support from wxc.
      - The new codeline starts as version 0.15. Users will find that this
      is contained in the directories:
         - wxdirect: wxDirect version supporting wxWidgets 2.9.x and later.
         Because Eiffel support is removed, this version cannot be used with
         wxhaskell 0.13.
         - wxc: The C language wrapper for wxWidgets. On our supported
         platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X), this always generates a
shared library.
         As such it is theoretically possible for wxc to be used as
the basis for a
         wxWidgets binding for another language. There are members of the D
         community playing with this idea.
         - wxcore: A pure Haskell wrapper over wxc.
         - wx: This is basically unchanged from wx in revision 0.13.

When the new versions are committed, they will be accompanied by uploads to
Haskage from both branches, along with build instructions for both versions.

Shortly after the formal release of 0.15, I will be producing a cabal
wrapper for wx-config on Windows. This will simplify the Windows build
significantly, as it currently depends on my privately updated version of
wx-config-win on Google code.

Please shout loudly and soon if you have any problem with what I am
planning to do, as I am planning to make these changes within the next
week. The wxWidgets 2.9 support has been waiting in limbo for too long now
(my fault, I accept).

Best regards

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