on a second thought ...

On Tue, 3 Apr 2012, Jeremy O'Donoghue wrote:

>  *  The mainline will have the patches needed to update to support wxWidgets 
> 2.9.x, based on the work
>     by Dave Tapley and others, and sourced from the development repositories 
> on Darcsden, Readers of
>     the wxhaskell-devel list will be familiar with these.
>      +  The new codeline starts as version 0.15. Users will find that this is 
> contained in the
>         directories:

If the new version is such a big change, how about calling it version 1.0?

This would also give us a larger range of versions for the wxWidgets-2.8 
compatibility branch. You know, sometimes even small changes require a 
major version bump, such as adding an instance to Selection, etc.

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