The parts with the dll's apart from uuid.dll were bogus (a wrong uuid.dll 
was found with further dependencies).

I don't seem to have a suitable uuid.dll

When I go ghc-pkg describe on wxc it lists uuid as an extra library. Why I 
have not figured out.

Then seems to result in ghci/ghc looking for a uuid.dll which it does not 

Was this dependency generated?

How can I get rid of it?


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Subject: Trouble using wxHaskell 0.90 : missing DLL's on windowsXP


Everything seem to compile OK.

When I try to run HelloWorld.hs in ghci using :main I get missing dll
uuid.dll, and then missing dll perl510.dll and then missing dll

Any ideas here? I compiled wxWidgets myself. I guess maybe I need to compile
it without support for perl5 (which I don't have) and some other things??

Any idea what is to do here?


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