Hi all,

I've uploaded cabal-macosx 0.2.2 to Hackage.  

This package is intended to work with any toolkit (wxHaskell, gtk…) and should 
also play nicely with non-Mac platforms (ie. it's a no-op on Windows/Linux).  
Basically, if you ship wxHaskell software and any of your users are on Mac, you 
probably want to use this package or something like it.

Usage should be fairly painless:

1. put cabal-macosx in your build-depends (and maybe rm -rf dist if this is the 
first time)
2. add a couple lines to your Setup.hs file (see 

When you do this, the cabal-macosx library will create “application bundles” 
for your executables, ie. those Thingy.app directories that you can then ship 
to your users for them to double-click and launch.  You can also pass extra 
flags to ask it to chase down your dependencies and include them in the bundle 
(which hopefully means you can just stick the bundle into a .dmg and go). For 
command line users, the library also creates a small shell script that points 
to the app bundle, allowing you the usual convenience of launching your program 
with some flags of your choosing.

Two recent changes in this release

* XCode 4.3 support (instead of looking for /Developer/Tools, we try looking in 
both that and /Applications/XCode.app/Contents/Developer/Tools)
* Friendlier to newer style Haskell Platform; cabal install now puts the 
application bundles in ~/Library/Haskell/Applications (and the auto-generated 
shell script looks for that)

Eric Kow <http://erickow.com>

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