I did a complete re-build of wxWidgets2.9, and it seemed to complete 
successfully with a built library files: gcc_mswuddll & gcc_mswudll.

Then I went into the samples directory and built all the samples, they all 
seemed to build fine, but when I try to execute them they give:
"   wbase293ud_gcc_custom.dll not found ...".

And it still doesn't seem to have installed wxc or wxcore (not in the cabal 

Does anyone run WxHaskell 2.9 on Windows?
> Cc: wxhaskell-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: Re: [wxhaskell-users] problems buiding wxHaskell on Windows
> I've never managed to get wxHaskell running without problems on windows, last 
> time I tried there was some kind of encoding problem, and I gave up.
>That would be cool if there was an installer that would install wxHaskell with 
>all dependences on top of a freshly installed haskell platform on windows.
>I would be eternally thankful if someone could do that. 
> David.

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