Drawing some attention to some recent enhancements I've submitted to MacPorts' 
port:dbus (https://trac.macports.org/ticket/52257#comment:3) in hope of 
rallying some beta-testers.

I think many users who regularly work on a remote Mac using X11 for displaying 
probably noticed that applications relying on a session DBus ran into a 
limitation of the Mac DBus version. By default it relies on launchd for 
starting and setting/exporting the session address.
There's nothing in the code though that makes it impossible to start and run 
the daemon like it does on Linux/X11, including even auto-starting it tied to 
the X11 DISPLAY (so theoretically it should exit when you disconnect).

I've added a +x11 variant to port:dbus which unlocks that possibility and 
initial testing suggests it works.

I do only occasional remote work though, and it doesn't look that will change 
much soon because it turns out that there are other blockers running KDE (KF5) 
over a remote connection.

Hence the cross-post on the X11 users ML, in hope of reaching at least a few 
users who're just dying to try out their preferred Gnome/GTk apps remotely :)


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