Hi everyone,

a few days ago, Mihai (ionic) posted a call for translations to
<x2go-i...@lists.x2go.org>, in which he mentioned that he intends to
have X2GoClient release-ready around 2017-02-09.

Key new features/bugfixes of this upcoming release are:
- PulseAudio Support on macOS
- updated SSHD handling for the client-side SSHD required for file
  and print sharing
- fix for the "key error" messages also relating to SSHD that may
  have kept file and print sharing from working, esp. on Windows

A full list of features and bugfixes will be published by Mihai once the
official release takes place.
This message is so you can plan ahead and find a spot in your personal
schedule where you might want to download, test, and deploy the new client.

I would also like to use this opportunity to introduce a new sponsor,

CFD Direct <http://cfd.direct> are the primary developers of
OpenFOAM <http://openfoam.org>, the free, open source software
for computational fluid dynamics.

We received 1000 EUR from them as an initial payment, along with a
statement that they intend to fund the project annually with a fixed
percentage of their cloud revenue.
Our plan is to use this money to rent a virtual macOS system running a
current version of macOS, and add this as a Jenkins slave to our current
build infrastructure.  That way, creating new X2GoClient builds for
macOS will be a lot easier (automated, nightly builds etc.).
Due to personal vacation time, this will probably not happen before
early April 2017, though with a little bit of luck we can start as early
as Mid-February.

Long story short: Especially if you're a macOS user, please give
X2GoClient a try once it's officially released, and report back
any bugs with it on our bugtracker.
Instructions on how to report bugs can be found here:

If you feel like replying to this message, please DO NOT hit "reply to
all".  Instead, please respect the "Reply-To" header field and send your
reply *only* to <x2go-proj...@lists.x2go.org>.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

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