Hi everyone,

in my previous message, dated 2017-01-23, I announced that we intended
to have X2GoClient release-ready around 2017-02-09.

If you're wondering why there hasn't been a release since, it is because
we noted some bugs related to PulseAudio on macOS and Windows late
during the testing phase.

These issues should be fixed for macOS now, though one issue will
probably still be present for Windows: While audio support in general
works (like, when using mplayer or VLC), sound from an HTML5 video
Firefox most likely will not.  We are aware of the issue and working on
it, so if the Windows fix doesn't make it into, we will push
another release shortly after.

The estimated release date is now: 2017-02-22, 00:30 CET.

Again, key new features/bugfixes of this upcoming release are:
- PulseAudio Support on macOS
- updated SSHD handling for the client-side SSHD required for file
  and print sharing
- fix for the "key error" messages also relating to SSHD that may
  have kept file and print sharing from working, esp. on Windows

A full list of features and bugfixes will be published by Mihai once the
official release takes place.
This message is so you can plan ahead and find a spot in your personal
schedule where you might want to download, test, and deploy the new client.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

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