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X2Go: The Gathering 2017 will be taking place 2017-09-22 to 2017-09-24

We currently have two possible locations (Linuxhotel, and a hacker space
in the southwest of Germany) that already confirmed they can host our
event in the given timeframe, and are currently evaluating a third (in
the city where X2Go was created, Treuchtlingen, Germany).
A Wiki page with all available options will get linked and mentioned on
the X2Go-Project Mailing List shortly after 2017-05-15 (our
Decision Day for the Treuchtlingen location), along with a list of Pros
and Cons for each location.

We intend to have a public vote amongst all potential participants
regarding the location from when said wiki page goes live until
2017-06-15.  Note that we reserve the right to deviate from the poll
result if it turns out that it would mean an undue hardship for one or
more of the core X2Go team members or our sponsors, or if something
happens after the end of the polling timeframe that requires us to
reconsider, like, a location suddenly increasing prices, strikes,
natural disasters, etc.

Please mark the date in your calendars already, as while we haven't
decided on the location yet, *the date is fixed* - as it is the only
weekend where we have enough "critical mass" regarding the core X2Go
team members.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

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