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X2Go: The Gathering 2017 will be taking place 2017-09-22 to 2017-09-24

*Voting is now open! Vote for your favorite location!*

Who's allowed to vote: Everyone that has read the Wiki page or that has
received this voting notification via one of the X2Go Mailing Lists.

If you would like to take part in the voting process, please list the
locations you would like to vote for in an E-Mail to:

Valid options are:

- Essen
- Stuttgart
- Treuchtlingen

Please list the locations in the order of your preference:

- First entry gets 3 points
- Second entry gets 2 points
- Third entry gets 1 point

If you are unwilling to attend at a particular location, then do not
list it at all.

*Deadline: We need your vote by Thursday, 2017-06-15, 23:59:59 CEST.*

Please note that we will try to respect the outcome of the vote as good
as possible, but we reserve the right to pick a different location than
the one that gets the most votes in case we detect voting fraud or in
case some unforeseen circumstances (like a hotel suddenly becoming
unavailable) require us to relocate.

To see a detailed description of all locations, as well as their pros
and cons, and entertainment options, please visit:


Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur
(with my X2Go event planner hat on)

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Geschäftsführer: Stefan Baur
Eichenäckerweg 10, 89081 Ulm | Registergericht Ulm, HRB 724364
Fon/Fax 0731 40 34 66-36/-35 | USt-IdNr.: DE268653243

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