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>     The problem arises on systems that have a Window Manager (like OpenBox),
>     but no task bar, so no way to un-minimize the X2Go/NX-window once the
>     user hits the magic pixel.

> Are you sure that task bar is required? AFAIK any tool with window
> switching ability (e.g. bbkeys, xdotool, some custom quick-and-dirty
> libwnck script) would work, wouldn't it?

Well, we are using xdotool in one of our workarounds. But, in a
ThinClient environment, such a workaround must either function
automatically (detect minimize and un-minimize instantly), or give the
user some visual indication that X2GoClient hasn't crashed, but just
needs to be un-minimized.  The way to do this, because even an only
marginally trained user would still understand this, is showing a task
bar with an X2Go icon.
Otherwise, all the user sees is a completely blue screen once they hit
the magic pixel.  An advanced user might try key combinations like
Alt+Tab, but I wouldn't be sure that they help restoring the window to

Oh, and as stated above, we tried xdotool for a workaround, but sadly,
it's not as simple as it seems and can trigger some nasty side-effects.
That's why we went for the other workaround - disabling OpenBox as soon
as the NX window spawns, then restarting it afterwards, once it has been

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