When you say "full screen" do you actually mean full screen or do you mean 
"Display 1" and "Display 2"?  They are different.

I could never get two full screen windows working at the same time.  The way 
Windows handles true full screen windows it does not seem possible to run two 
at the same time, I could be wrong though.  To get it to run fairly reliably I 
had to run two separate x2go clients using "Display 1" in one and "Display 2" 
in the other YMMV.

Also, to fix the invalid xserver settings you have to exit all x2go clients / x 
servers then go into the registry and navigate to

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Obviously Nice\x2goclient\settings

Then toggle "onstart" to false.  This will let it start up so you can modify 
xsettings before it kills itself.


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I am using a setup where on a Windows PC I have the usual Windows interface on 
the left
screen, and on the right screen I want fullscreen X2Go client.  This has worked 
OK in the past
on a Windows Vista PC with an X2Go version from 2014.
For obvious reasons the PC has since been replaced and I have installed more 
recent X2Go software
and from then on it fails to work like it did before.
I have selected to use full screen on monitor 2 in the past, and it used the 
full display area,
although it always started in a somewhat erratic way.  It first opened a window 
on the
second screen, then told the Linux system the display size had changed, then 
changed it to full screen and sent another display size update.  This sometimes 
confused the
Linux window manager, resulting in funny window placement, but otherwise it 
worked OK.

On the new system, first with Windows 7 and now with Windows 8, and with X2Go 
version at first and now, I cannot get it to work anymore.  No matter 
if I select the
full screen mode or not, it always opens the Linux screen in a window, and on 
the left screen.
I have to drag it to the right, and then click the "full screen window" widget, 
it then changes
to nearly-full-screen (there are no window borders but there is a title bar 
with the usual widgets).

I have experimented with the -multiwindows and -multimonitors flags as 
suggested in a bug
tracking item, but without the desired result.  I also experienced another bug 
while trying
this: when the settings for the X server are invalid, the program bombs out 
with an alert
that the settings are invalid and I need to check my configuration, but then it 
is no longer
possible to change the configuration because the program won't stay running.  
I had an image backup of the system made just before I started that experiment.

Please advise what to do next...

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