Thanks for your reply!
Well, maybe my terminology is wrong, but as I wrote I want to use Windows on 
the first
physical screen and Linux via X2Go on the second physical screen, using the 
full screen so
not running in a fullsized window.   But that is all I can achieve now.
Before, I could really use the full screen.  It is a 1600x1200 screen and that 
was also the
display size in X.  Now the display size is less.  Hope that is clear.

Thanks for the hint w.r.t. the settings.  I don't think it is a userfriendly 
solution, maybe I should
file a bug report?  It should just allow setting of options before it bombs 
out, I think.
However, now that I have experimented with the settings and know it does not 
solve my
issue, it is not an import problem at this time.

BTW: I installed it on 64-bit Windows, so the program gets installed in Program 
Files (x86),
but when I first try to do these settings the default X server path is in 
Program Files without
the (x86) so that is obviously an invalid path.  the default should be set to 
the actual location.

Rob Janssen

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