On 05/03/18 16:48, Mario Theodoridis wrote:
On 05/03/18 13:41, Mario Theodoridis wrote:
On 04/03/18 09:44, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
* On 03/04/2018 01:54 AM, Robert Dinse wrote:
       Yes consuming a large amount of CPU and not doing anything useful,
customer is disconnected.  Connection is still possible but doesn't get rid
of the stuck processes, I have to kill -9 to get rid of them.
Uhm... "stuck" is pretty ambiguous in that context - I assume that you are
referring to the CPU usage, which doesn't go down to sane levels even after
reconnecting, but reconnecting to the session as such is possible?

Is there any reasonable way to trigger this behavior? Like starting a MATE
session, disconnecting and waiting for an hour to see the CPU usage spike? Or is
it triggered by other programs running inside of the session?

I'll need something to reproduce it, server OS information would also be great.
Oh, maybe some details

[mario@lindev 13:30:31 ~]$ dpkg -l | egrep "(x2go|nx)"
ii  libjs-sphinxdoc 1.2.2+dfsg-1ubuntu1.1                        all JavaScript support for Sphinx documentation ii  libnx-x11-6:i386 2:              i386 nxagent's libNX_X11 client-part library rc  libnx-xcomposite1:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 Composite extension library rc  libnx-xdamage1:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 damaged region extension library rc  libnx-xdmcp6:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library rc  libnx-xext6:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 miscellaneous extension library rc  libnx-xfixes3:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library rc  libnx-xinerama1:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 Xinerama extension library rc  libnx-xpm4:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 pixmap library rc  libnx-xrandr2:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 RandR extension library rc  libnx-xrender1:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 Rendering Extension client library rc  libnx-xtst6:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 Testing -- Record extension library ii  libx2go-log-perl                 all          Perl X2Go::Log package ii  libx2go-server-db-perl                 i386         Perl X2Go::Server:DB package ii  libx2go-server-perl                 all          Perl X2Go::Server package rc  libxcompext3:i386 2:               i386         nx-X11 protocol compression extensions library ii  nx-x11-common 2:              all          nx-X11 (common files) ii  nxagent 2:              i386         Nested Xserver (aka NX Agent) supporting the NX compression protocol ii  nxproxy 2:              i386         NX proxy ii  qtcreator-plugin-qnx:i386 3.0.1+14.04.20140410.1-0ubuntu1              i386         QNX plugin for Qt Creator IDE rc  x2goagent 2:               all          X2Go agent ii  x2goclient                 i386         X2Go Client application (Qt4) ii  x2goserver                 i386         X2Go server daemon scripts ii  x2goserver-common                 i386         X2Go Server (common files) ii  x2goserver-extensions                 all          X2Go Server (extension support) ii  x2goserver-fmbindings                 all          X2Go Server (file manager bindings) ii  x2goserver-printing                 all          X2Go server (printing support) ii  x2goserver-x2goagent                 all          X2Go Server's X2Go Agent ii  x2goserver-xsession                 all          X2Go Server (Xsession runner)
[mario@lindev 13:38:15 ~]$ uname -a
Linux lindev.de.regify.com 3.13.0-142-generic #191-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 2 12:14:37 UTC 2018 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux
[mario@lindev 13:38:32 ~]$ cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS \n \l

[mario@fatty 13:40:25 ~]$ dpkg -l | egrep "(x2go|nx)"
ii  libjs-sphinxdoc 1.2.2+dfsg-1ubuntu1.1 all          JavaScript support for Sphinx documentation ii  libxcomp3:amd64 2: amd64        nx-X11 compression library
ii  nxproxy 2: amd64        NX proxy
ii  x2goclient amd64        X2Go Client application (Qt4)
[mario@fatty 13:40:38 ~]$ uname -a
Linux fatty 3.13.0-137-generic #186-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 4 19:09:19 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[mario@fatty 13:40:48 ~]$ cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS \n \l
It just happened a second time.
I seem to be able to repro this fairly well.

I am, BTW, not able to reconnect. It just connects and disconnects again.

Is there a way to downgrade?

My setup is rather unusable. If i leave it unattended for 10-20 minutes i have to shoot it down

This is the 4th time today.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards

Mario Theodoridis

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