Platform Team regression test user writes ("[xen-4.5-testing baseline-only 
test] 67737: regressions - FAIL"):
> test-xtf-amd64-amd64-1 19 xtf/test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow fail REGR. vs. 67706
> test-xtf-amd64-amd64-1 26 xtf/test-hvm32pae-invlpg~shadow fail REGR. vs. 67706

Several of these, 32bit and 64bit HVM.  This is in the Citrix
Cambridge osstest instance.  The Xen Project colo instance is
unaffected (flight 101045 there passed with the same revisions of

This is with:

  xen e4ae4b03d35babc9624b7286f1ea4c6749bad84b
  xtf b5c5332de4268d33a6f8eadc1d17c7b9cf0e7dc3
  linux b65f2f457c49b2cfd7967c34b7a0b04c25587f13
  linux-firmware c530a75c1e6a472b0eb9558310b518f0dfcd8860

The log says this:

  2016-09-21 06:07:36 Z ---------- substep 19 xtf/test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow 
running ---------- 
  2016-09-21 06:07:36 Z executing ssh ... root@                 
/home/xtf/xtf-runner -m logfile test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow 1>&2; echo $?

  Using logfile '/var/log/xen/console/guest-test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow.log'
  Executing 'xl create -F tests/invlpg/test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow.cfg'
  --- Xen Test Framework ---
  Environment: HVM 32bit (No paging)
  Testing 'invlpg' in normally-faulting conditions
    Test: Mapped address
    Test: Unmapped address
    Test: NULL segment override
    Test: Past segment limit
      Fail: Unexpected #GP[0000]
    Test: Before expand-down segment limit
      Fail: Unexpected #GP[0000]
  Test result: FAILURE

  Combined test results:
  test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow                 FAILURE

Sadly we haven't yet managed to make the logs from this instance

Do you have any idea what might be causing this ?  Is there a real
problem with the Xen 4.5 branch ?  The Citrix Cambridge instance has
old hardware.


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