On 09/21/2016 01:36 PM, Wei Liu wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:42:51PM -0400, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:
>> On 09/21/2016 12:13 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> Platform Team regression test user writes ("[xen-4.5-testing baseline-only 
>>> test] 67737: regressions - FAIL"):
>>>> test-xtf-amd64-amd64-1 19 xtf/test-hvm32-invlpg~shadow fail REGR. vs. 67706
>>>> test-xtf-amd64-amd64-1 26 xtf/test-hvm32pae-invlpg~shadow fail REGR. vs. 
>>>> 67706
>>> Several of these, 32bit and 64bit HVM.  This is in the Citrix
>>> Cambridge osstest instance.  The Xen Project colo instance is
>>> unaffected (flight 101045 there passed with the same revisions of
>>> everything)
>>> This is with:
>>>   xen e4ae4b03d35babc9624b7286f1ea4c6749bad84b
>>>   xtf b5c5332de4268d33a6f8eadc1d17c7b9cf0e7dc3
>>>   linux b65f2f457c49b2cfd7967c34b7a0b04c25587f13
>>>   linux-firmware c530a75c1e6a472b0eb9558310b518f0dfcd8860
>> I can't get these commits neither for Xen nor for Linux. Are these from
>> Citrix trees?
> No. They are all upstream commits.

Apparently xen commit *just* made it to the tree, after I checked it.
And I still don't see Linux one.

I ran a quick test (not xtf, our internal one) with 32-bit shadow guest
and didn't see anything. But then Andrew seems to have pointed out what
the problem is.


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