Right and still no solution 

there is no xz-dev or libxz-dev;  I installed everything which just looks 
remote like xz or lzma

building is no problem as I build with

./configure --enable-githttp --enable-systemd --disable-rombios 
--disable-qemu-traditional --disable-stubdom --disable-docs

I'm thinking of building a special VM with only stable Debian and old gcc and 
old everything - Pepperidge Farm remembers

and build there

----- On 13 Oct, 2016, at 09:04, Wei Liu wei.l...@citrix.com wrote:

> I don't think it breaks building Xen -- you just can't decompress xz
> format file, right? Otherwise Juergen would not have been able to build
> Xen.
> Wei.

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