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On 16/02/17 10:48, Jan Beulich wrote:
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On 16/02/17 10:27, Jan Beulich wrote:
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generated/autoconf.h is already included automatically so CONFIG_* defines
avaialble.  However, the companion macros such as IS_ENABLED() are not

Include them uniformally everywhere.
Well, if you really think this is a good idea, I'm not going to stand in
the way, but why do we need this included everywhere? Many files
don't even care about any CONFIG_*, and hence even less so about
I am sorry, but you are complaining if I include it unilaterally, and
also complaining if I include kconfig.h in the specific location where I
need it.  These are mutually exclusive.
I don't understand - when did I complain about its inclusion where
it's needed? Iirc my complaint was about you adding the inclusion
to */config.h without that header actually using the macros. My
point really is that ideally each C file would get as little cruft as
possible, while at present quite a number of header are being
included by virtually every source file.

Your complaint was specifically about me adding it to paging.h so I
could use IS_ENABLED() and not out-of-line a trivial function.

Oh, that one: There my view was the other way around: No need
to include yet another header in one which already gets included
everywhere, when the new function could easily be out of line (as
not being performance critical).

As for general availably, while I agree in general that we have far too
much stuff included by default (I have some plans for that), the
contents of kconfig.h is fairly small, and exactly the same category of
information as config.h

I am looking to push for the use of IS_ENABLED() in preference to #ifdef
where possible, to reduce code-rot.

Which makes sense, but won't affect said source files not using any
CONFIG_* in the first place.

At least on ARM, we need CONFIG_* everywhere as the definitions of types and structure will change whether you are compiling for ARM64 or ARM.

I would expect the same for common code.


Julien Grall

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