On 03/02/2018 09:39 AM, Lars Kurth wrote:
Hi all,
(sorry for the extensive distribution list - I went through MAINTAINERS and 
people who may have an interest)

I would like to start organizing a recurring x86 community call to discuss and 
sync-up on upcoming features for Xen on x86. This call would mirror and follow 
a similar structure to the ARM call (see 
http://xen.markmail.org/thread/xqdxvqcjpf2y5ftu for the last one)

I expect that the call will contain

a) Coordination and Planning
Coordinating who does what, what needs attention, what is blocked, etc.
I would prepare a list of non-merged patch series of a certain size (e.g. more 
than 5 patches) and attach to the invite
If anything is missed, I would expect that these are sent to me before the 

b) Design and architecture related discussions: in particular for bigger, more 
complex items, ...
Although all of this could be done by email, in reality, we are all human and 
many people find it easier to collaborate
and communicate by talking to each other, rather than by email. This is not a 
must, but an option to highlight issues

c) Demos, Sharing of Experiences, Sometimes discussion of specific 
This is something which happens frequently on the ARM call and seems to work 
very well

I would suggest to start with a 1 hour monthly meeting: possibly every 2nd Tue 
or Thu each month (depends on timing). I know that people are spread across 
different timezones (from China to the US), so I would like to gather thoughts 
before choosing a time. We may have to have alternating time-slots every other 
month: but this is not ideal for some.

To do this, please
* Raise your hands on whether you or your org would want to participate


* Provide your timezone


* Provide a UTC time range when you can attend


Your sincerely,

Janakarajan Natarajan

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