>>> On 06.03.18 at 20:24, <sstabell...@kernel.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Mar 2018, Jan Beulich wrote:
>> these stable releases should go out before the end of the month.
>> Please point out backport candidates you find missing from the
>> respective staging branches, but which you consider relevant.
>> Please note that 4.7.5 is expected to be the last xenproject.org
>> managed release from its branch.
> I am waiting for master to pass Julien's PSCI 1.1 series, then I intend
> to backport it to all stable trees (commits from
> f30b93b42b7137654a69676a61620f763c4ad3b3 to
> cd8b749282475caef095ea2f339a01d1ff9714ae).
> Backports to older trees might be difficult.
> Given your stable release plan, do you suggest I should start the
> backports now, even if master has not passed yet, or wait?

There have been a lot of minor issues lately keeping pushes from
happening on master, so if the commits above have not been
pushed just because of such a glitch, I'd be fine with them being
backported right away. If, however, there's any doubt, then I'd
prefer if you waited. But in the end on the ARM side you know
better than me what's best.


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