On 07/03/2018, 17:02, "George Dunlap" <george.dun...@citrix.com> wrote:

    >> * Title of series
    >> * Link to series (e.g. on 
    >> markmail, …)
    >> * Number of outstanding ACKs (and by whom), number of ACKs
    >I assume you're suggesting that individuals should reply to this email
    >with that information?  And that to begin with you'll be acting as
    >secretary to keep track of it?

Although it is also OK for someone within an organization to do that on behalf 
of several developers within that organisation. 

I will also chair the meeting and write up high-level notes. But for deeply 
technical discussions, which requires detail: I would prefer if someone else 
wrote notes for the section and sent them to me afterwards, or replied to the 
notes I would send out.


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