On 9/8/06 10:56 am, "Keir Fraser" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> Keir, this patch applies on top of the xc.c whitespace patch I just
>> sent, and also on top of the contents of xenppc-unstable-merge.hg
>> (because we've moved xc_ppc_linux_build.c into its own directory). We
>> also have a couple important fixes in there anyways, so now would be a
>> good time to pull. :)
> The diffstat doesn't correspond to the patch. Can I ignore the diffstat?

Actually I'm not sure about this approach at all. Couldn't specifying the
open firmware tree be done separately from the build (e.g., just after)?
Maybe hooked off the new proposed 'platform object' in xend. Xc_linux_build
is really ugly enough already: I think in future we would like to split
xc_linux_build up into smaller API functions, even for x86, and that the
patch you propose goes in the opposite direction to this.

 -- Keir

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