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> That direction certainly seems like a good one to me.
> In this case, we need to load the device tree into the domain's memory
> and pass its address in a register (i.e. via xc_vcpu_setcontext).
> Currently it doesn't look like xc_vcpu_setcontext is exposed to python
> for us to use. What would you like to see here?

Hmmm... I was expecting you'd want a ppc-specific libxenguest or libxenctrl
function, but I guess maybe you could do it by more generic means. That
would obviously be much preferable if it's possible.

Could a copy_to/from_guest interface exposed to Python be used? Or does the
device tree need some processing in C into an appropriate format for writing
into guest memory? As for set/get_vcpu_context, the context could be
expressed as a Python dictionary mapping register names to (reasonably
constrained) long values.

 -- Keir

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