I cannot successfully make a libos domain with 2212M (2G+64). I also cannot make one with 1024M. With 1024M the libos terminates, with 2212 it traps. There is no reason to believe that libos has code to handle any of that so this is not terribly surprising. What intrigues me is that the in 1024 case xen terminated the domain, or so it looks at first glance and in the second case it does as well. I doubt I can be quick enough to attach the debugger and see why it trapped.
I tested on one of 8G JS21.

(my libos is itself not necessarily in a stable state. I was working on something else.)

The console output was illuminating

(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[1]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[1].0: initializing
(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[2]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[2].0: initializing
(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[3]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[3].0: initializing
(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[4]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[4].0: initializing
(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[5]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[5].0: initializing
(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[6]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[6].0: initializing


There is nothing unusual in /var/xen

Jimi Xenidis wrote:

On Oct 18, 2006, at 5:50 PM, Maria Butrico wrote:

This patch is not yet in our tree.  I am getting a little tired of doing

I bet! It can certainly wait, just know that you cannot create >= 2G domains until this makes it in to your stuff.

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