Is this still an issue? Have you investigated more?

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 18:43 -0400, Maria Butrico wrote:
> I cannot successfully make a libos domain with 2212M (2G+64).  I also 
> cannot make one with 1024M.    With 1024M the libos terminates, with 
> 2212 it traps.  There is no reason to believe that libos has code to 
> handle any of that so this is not terribly surprising.  What intrigues 
> me is that the in 1024 case xen terminated the domain, or so it looks at 
> first glance and in the second case it does as well.    I doubt I can be 
> quick enough to attach the debugger and see why it trapped. 
> I tested on one of 8G JS21.
> (my libos is itself not necessarily in a stable state.  I was working on 
> something else.)
> The console output was illuminating
>  (XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[1]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
> (XEN) Domain[1].0: initializing
> (XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[2]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
> (XEN) Domain[2].0: initializing
> (XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[3]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
> (XEN) Domain[3].0: initializing
> (XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[4]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
> (XEN) Domain[4].0: initializing
> (XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[5]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
> (XEN) Domain[5].0: initializing
> (XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[6]: 0x20000000[0x4000000]
> (XEN) Domain[6].0: initializing
> :)
> There is nothing unusual in /var/xen

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