On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 09:02:29PM -0400, Maria Butrico wrote:
> I thought we diligently updated this file by hand.   We edit it all the 
> time.  The comment is flat out wrong.

The file is in fact automatically generated.  Nobody should ever edit a
defconfig by hand, since the Kconfig logic that turns on or off certain
options in response to the change would then have to be run by every end
user, resulting in a .config different from the defconfig in every
developer tree.  If we edit a config by hand, we edit .config in the
root, then run make, then copy .config to the desired defconfig.

> Why did you change the date?

Jimi did not change the date by hand.  The Kconfig logic discussed above
did so, and I believe that the myriad benefits of that logic outweigh
the cost of resolving the trivial merge conflict caused by the date.

Perhaps we can investigate removing the date insertion logic if this
becomes a real maintainer burden.

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