Hi Jimi,

David game me an image containing your fixes. It works great. I tried
following things and they went well

1. ping outside
2. ssh from outside
3. scp from outside, tried upto 65 MB file
4. java -X in both dom0 and domU

I encountered two problems that should not relate to vio.

1. ssh to outside --> Host key verification failed.
2. mount /gpfs1xen after starting gpfs manually (in domU), gives a a large
amount of error. I will send them to Dilma.

Thanks & Regards,

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                                       VIO rewrite Was: FYI: Re: [XenPPC]  
                                       problem of ssh to domU on js21      

!!! NOTE: please update both linux and xen.

Hao, Thank you for you patience with all this networking stuff.

I've reworked the entire VIO stuff in Xen and Linux. It has fixed all
the VIO Network stability problems that I have been experiencing
hopefully it will fix yours as well.

With these changes, I am able to run several DomUs with:
  - nfsroot
  - ip=dhcp
  - scp -r large directories with large files
  - ssh session with lots of output.

Please test when you can.


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