* Jimi Xenidis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2007-02-22 19:30]:
> We don't consider the RMA boundary for the Xen heap at all anymore  
> (not for a while)
> The Xen heap is calculated based on the estimated resources we'll need.
> on example is that we need to get enough HTABs for all the domain, so  
> 1/64th of all of memory is part of the Xen heap size.

Hrm.  One of the items I need to address is determining how much of
dom0's memory allocation runs into the 2-4G IO hole.  One method I was
hoping might work is:

 /* overlap in pages into 2G-4G IO range (if any) */
    dom0_overlap = (cpu_default_rma_order_pages() + dom0_nrpages) -

It doesn't look like we can make the assumption that Xen+xenheap will
only occupy the first RMA of the platform.  

The other method I was going to look into was to allocate dom0's rma,
and then calculation would look like:

   dom0_start_mfn = page_to_mfn(d->arch.rma_base);
   dom0_overlap = (dom0_start_mfn + dom0_nrpages - rma_sz) - IO_SIZE_PAGES;
Any other good way to figure how much of dom0's allocation will fall
within 2-4G IO hole?

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