On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 10:40:18AM +0000, Derek Murray wrote:
> 1. gntdev.patch: This is the main driver, and associated header file.

This patch doesn't work on ia64 and ppc because they doesn't support 
GNTMAP_application_map which is x86 speicific. The flag doesn't make
sense for ia64 and ppc. (When auto_translated_physmap_mode is enabled,
GNTMAP_application_map isn't necessary.)
Fortunately there was the similar issue in blktap. It was solved
by utilizing auto_translated_physmap_mode.
If it is diffucult for you to work on it (ia64 or ppc machine is necessary),
I'd like to do.

Your goal seems to be to rewrite xen console daemon and xensotred.
(and blktap if possible).
They are very fundamental, so I want to resolve it in advance
instead of finding/fixing the breakage after the commit.

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