On Mar 28, 2007, at 2:39 PM, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:

I'm curently implementing H_PERFMON and found some code in the file arch/powerpc/of_handler/papr.S which is not clear for me by just reading it ;)

This is code for the OF stub that we but in Dom0 address space, it usually only needs to perform console hcalls, there is no reason to add the H_PERFMON hcall to this code, this code runs in a domain NOT Xen.

I "guessed" this line together for H_PERFMON based on the other lines around there, but what would the following line really do?
"PAPR(5, 1,papr_h_perfmon, H_PERFMON)"

This will create a C callable function (papr_h_perfmon) written in assembler that for an hcall that takes 5 arguements and returns a single result value.

Is it correct and if not why?

It is correct, but unecessary, please do not bother.

I assume it's some kind of registering xen implemented papr hooks right?


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