Hi all,

I have set up Xen Dom0 on Fedora 12 with xen 3.4.2 in Fedora 12's
repository. The kernel I use is kernel with pv_ops which is
from Jeremy's repository.

I know this is not the the newest ones (both xen and kernel). I just
want to report it is very stable at least on our clusters. We have
computing-intensive work running on it. Hope this information may help
the ones that need a "stable" xen virtualization solution on Fedora.

The DomUs are also Fedora 12 with kernel from Fedora's repository.

Details please refer to:

BTW: I really hope Fedora can add kernel-xen support again so that we
don't need to build kernel and test it to get a stable working
platform. But I understand we are waiting for the upstream. I will
wait :)

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