On Thu, 2 Dec 2010, W. Michael Petullo wrote:

> Moving forward and for the purposes of Fedora 15 development, can we get
> both patched 2.7.37/38 kernels that support DomU and raw upstream
> kernels? Or does xen/next-2.6.27 not have the requisite features yet
> anyway?

xen/next-2.6.37 doesn't currently have kernel drivers for either block or 
network backends. Userspace block or network backends may be possible but 
I don't know how to get them to work, though it is supposed to be 

> This kernel works as expected with one exception. The exception has been
> a nagging problem, but I have not reported it because 1) we are using
> a research OS in DomU and 2) we are not clear if the problem is in our
> code, Linux or Xen. But, here are the symptoms:
> Occasionally (this seems to correlate to network activity between Dom0
> and DomU), the system becomes unresponsive. I am running the Michael
> Young kernel at runlevel 3 within Dom0 (very little memory used by
> applications). Our OS runs in DomU and is constrained to 128MB of
> memory. When the system is unresponsive, typing a character into a
> Dom0 console take 2-5 seconds to appear on the screen. Likewise, other
> activity is extremely slow. As I mentioned, we have not been able to
> isolate where the problem is. Running, for example, an OpenWrt Linux
> build in DomU does not have this problem.

I have seen something similar, though I don't know where the fault 
lies either.

        Michael Young
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