I just tested kernel-2.6.37-2.xendom0.fc15 on my MacBook 5,1. I was
interested in this build because I have had problems like Marko with
respect to my graphics hardware. The laptop has a nVidia chipset and I
am using the nouveau driver. Previous Dom0 kernels worked but would not
boot into X -- the screen would go blank.

This version improves things a bit. X loads, but the graphics are severely
distorted. I can see a cursor move with my mouse, but it is rendered as
a fuzzy block. A strange symptom is that using Ctrl-Alt-Fx to change to
a text terminal succeeds, but only briefly. After less than one second,
the system again presents distorted X.

Booting with "nomodeset" causes the screen to go blank. The sound coming
from the hard disk makes me think that the boot process is continuing.

As a side note, the Rawhide 2.6.37-1 kernel boots for me in Dom0. Of
course, X does not work with this version either.


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