On Fri, 11 Feb 2011, Marko Ristola wrote:

> I tried xen-4.1.0 rc4.
> Just as with xen-4.1.0 rc3, using same bleeding edge
> kernel 2.6.38-0.rc3.git0.1.xendom0.fc15.x86_64 in both dom0
> and in 32 bit Ubuntu 10.10 guest, mouse move doesn't work but
> mouse clicks work. I don't know where the problem is (kernel / xen / other ).

I have had trouble with the mouse in a DomU window one one machine I 
tested it on, though in that case it wouldn't click either. That was using 
xl with xen 4.1.0-rc on 2.6.38-rc3, xm on xen-4.0.x works.

        Michael Young
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