On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 06:54:32PM -0400, Bill McGonigle wrote:
> Just some notes, in case others are planning similar upgrades.
> I was running 2.6.32 from M. Young's repo.  My goal was to get up to
> 2.6.40 on Fedora 15 (mainline dom0!) with minimal downtime.
> I found that f15's version of Xen (4.1) wouldn't run, even after
> re-compiling on f14.  So, that couldn't be staged ahead of time.  As a
> retreat plan, I made sure to have rpm's for Xen 4.0.2 handy, but they
> wound up being unnecessary.

Hmm.. I'm running xen-4.1.1-2.fc15 on f14.. recompiled, of course,
and it works for me..

> I knew there'd be some xend breakage during the upgrade, so I opened ssh
> sessions to each VM.
> I then started the yum upgrade, first with yum and rpm, then only the
> fedora and updates repos, then other repos.  Some package upgrade
> problems needed to be solved (I have too much in dom0), but nothing
> worse than usual.
> Once all the upgrades were in place, I hand-edited grub.conf since the
> new kernel installed a non-Xen entry.

We need to get the grubby patch in to handle the dom0 entries..

> At this point, I should have checked to see that my initramfs was made
> properly (it wasn't, locally packaged zfs modules broke the scriptlet).
>  I had to come back in with rescue mode to re-run dracut.
> Once all the updates were installed, I shut down each of the VM's using
> native 'shutdown -h now' inside the vm.  xm shutdown was broken at this
> point.

Usually when upgrading Xen I first shut down the VMs, then upgrade dom0,
reboot, and restart VMs.
> Now, the only ugly part is that systemd wasn't yet running, but 'reboot'
> is replaced.  So, to reboot the system, I had to do 'sync;sync;sync
> [reset button]'.  I had filesystems mounted -o data=journal, so I was at
> least feeling good about consistency.  Some people wouldn't tolerate
> this option, but it worked out OK for me.

Heh :)

> With a working initramfs, the system came up just fine, the VM's started
> as they should, and everything seemed OK from the Xen perspective.  All
> the domU's function, no domU updates required (Fedora 12/13/14, CentOS 5).


> If I had noticed the initramfs problem properly, I would have gotten
> away with only about a 4 minute outage.  Quite glad to be re-united,
> after many years in the Fedora/Xen exile community!  Much kudos to
> Michael Young, Pasi, and all the others who have helped up through the
> dark times.

Thanks! There's still more patches to be merged in for 3.x, 
so remember to read the kernel changelogs or 
and upgrade later :)

All the "big" changes are already in mainline Linux, and it seems to work 
pretty OK,
so it's good to continue from here.

-- Pasi

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