Hi all,

"rpm -qlp xen-4.2.1-5.fc18.x86_64.rpm" yields quite a surprise.

There is no trace of xl. The package still includes xm which requires xend, both of which have been deprecated since (I think) xen 4.0.0. Granted, I built, rather than yummed, 4.0.0 from sources and have been using xl ever since but the continued distribution of xm confuses me greatly.

Two questions:

  Does anybody know why this was done?
  Is there a package that includes xl?

This is extremely frustrating. I've been waiting years for a mainline kernel that includes Dom0/DomU and PCI-passthrough support and now that it is available I still have to build xen from scratch to get the new xl tool stack that was introduced many versions ago.

Thanks for any insight, tips.
Mike Wright
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