Hey there,

I just installed Fedora 18 on one of my servers and installed xen, libvirt, and 
virt-manager.  When I tried to create my first VM with virt-manager, I received 
some libxl errors which led me to this orange block of text:


After removing libvirt-daemon-driver-libxl, I noticed that libvirt-daemon-xen 
was removed along with it as a dependency.  Creating VM's failed again with an 
error during the hotplug of the vif.  I decided to get a little more forceful:

  yum -y install libvirt-daemon-xen
  rpm -ev --nodeps libvirt-daemon-driver-libxl

I restarted the libvirtd daemon and now I'm creating VM's without any errors.  
Am I alone on this one?  I was about to pop something in Bugzilla for it but I 
figured I'd ask the list just in case.  If this belongs on the fedora-virt 
list, please throw a large piece of furniture in my general direction and I'll 
try to remember next time. ;)

Major Hayden

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