Hi everyone,

This is just for letting this list now that, today, both I and Konrad
did some testing of the latest TC of Fedora 20 (TC5
http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/20-TC5/), and it went pretty

What I tested has been, on a F19 x86_64 Dom0:
 - install & boot a x86_64 F20TC5 PV guest
 - install & boot a i386 F20TC5 PV guest
 - install & boot a x86_64 F20TC5 HVM guest

All with successful results! :-)

AFAIUI, Konrad tested at least the two PV cases, but on a F20 Dom0, with
similar results (apart a minor virt-install issue)... So even
better! :-D

The idea was to make sure that the "Xen DomU" release criteria is met:

This is the testcase:

And, again, both me and Konrad updated the testmatrix according to our

So, so far so good... but let's keep our eyes open, so that we can be
sure Xen is properly working on F20, as soon as it will be released.


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