On Tue, 21 Jan 2014, Cole Robinson wrote:

On 01/21/2014 09:12 AM, Cole Robinson wrote:
On 01/20/2014 03:59 PM, Bruno Postle wrote:
Hi, I'm having trouble installing a fedora f20 guest on a centos5 host, I
previously had a working f16 guest, so I guess I want to know if this is
possible or not.

virt-install seems to work ok as before, but then the reboot fails with this

  Error starting domain: POST operation failed: xend_post: error from   xen
daemon: (xend.err "Error creating domain: Boot loader didn't   return any 

I've tried formatting /boot as ext2 and ext3 with the same result, now I'm out
of ideas.  Here is my virt-install command:

  virt-install --paravirt --name honk --ram 2048 --disk \
  path=/dev/VolGroup02/LogVol12 --vnc --location \

F20 as a paravirt guest should work, but I think nowadays most people are
using fullvirt xen, so maybe paravirt isn't tested as much with new distros.
I'm just guessing though

Regardless, you'll probably have to dig in xen logs to or do some googling to
find more info: I don't have any idea. It's very unlikely to be a
virt-install/libvirt issue though

Sorry, I thought this email went to the upstream virt-manager list, hence I
was focusing on that :)

RHEL5 xen is an old frankenstein monster at this point as well, so could be a
xen issue that just hasn't been backported.

CCing fedora xen list as well, maybe they have ideas.

I would need to see more logs to be sure, but I would guess pygrub is missing at least one update and this one
is a possibility. You could test if it is pygrub by running directly - in your case try
/usr/bin/pygrub /dev/VolGroup02/LogVol12
as root - it should give you a choice of kernels and return the details for the one you pick.

        Michael Young
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